Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're back from Pigeon Forge!

Our vacation was a blast! Our suite was amazing. The food was delicious. And the attractions were fun. I think this was probably the best vacation we ever had! We did things I never would have thought of before.

The absolute best part was going to Dollywood. I rode a roller coaster for the first time. Actually, I rode 3! What a thrill! I was scared out of my mind (I literally almost peed my pants!) and having the time of my life at the same time. As you can tell by the picture, my husband wasn't having as much fun. He wouldn't even open his eyes! If we ever go back to Pigeon Forge, Dollywood will definitely be on our to-do list!

We spent a whole week in Pigeon Forge, so Dollywood wasn't the only thing we did. We also made it to Wonderworks, Ripleys, The Track and many other attractions. Here's a few pictures:


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